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About Standards

Oregon has standards for each grade in the following subject areas:

  • Art
  • English language arts
  • Health
  • Math
  • Physical education
  • Science
  • Social studies
  • Career-related learning (high school grades)
  • Second language (high school grades)
  • English language acquisition (for English language learners)

For math and English language arts, Oregon has chosen a set of standards called the Common Core State Standards.

The standards in the other subject areas were designed by the State of Oregon. Different standards may be adopted in these content areas in the future. 

In fact, change in standards is not uncommon. As states seek continuous improvement in student achievement, students are required to reach new levels of learning. Raising the bar for our students means implementing new state standards. 

Standards are organized so that they build upon each other at each advancing grade. For example, standards taught in sixth grade math establish skills needed to learn more complex skills in seventh grade math, and so on. 

For a sample of content standards, download a Parents' Guide to Graduation handout, or take a look at some Other Resources we have collected.