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How Is My Child Doing?

Talking with your student about school shows you care about education, and about them.
How is my child doing?

Every parent wants to stay informed on how their student is doing in school. For busy families, this is not always easy. This site provides Salem-Keizer parents information on some research-proven ways to stay on top of student progress: grades and report cards, state test scores, and talking with school staff. 

Another very important way for parents to stay up-to-date on student achievement is to talk with their student about school every day. 

Ask your student about the things he or she is learning in class. Ask your student's opinion on how the math quiz went, and what he or she is reading in language arts. Check your student's backpack or agenda every day, and ask if any homework was assigned. Talking with your student about school shows you care about education, and about them.