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How Can I Help At Home?

Parents and guardians make a big difference in student success.

The importance of a parent or guardian's role in student success can't be overstated. There are many things you can do to help students at any grade level be successful. Here are a few:

  • Demonstrate a positive attitude about school. Your child will model your attitude.
  • Make attendance a priority. Your child needs to attend school every day, unless he or she is sick.
  • Know about the academic concepts your child is learning (see the What is My Child Learning? page).
  • Have a comfortable place set up for homework and minimize distractions (turn off the TV and video games). Make sure there are enough supplies, like paper and pencils. 
  • Encourage your student to read every day. Be a “reading role-model” by reading too.
  • Ask your student open-ended questions, rather than yes/no questions.
  • Check your student’s backpack or agenda for homework and messages sent home from school every day.
  • Check out the free resources on your school’s website under library-media.

Becoming a “career coach” for your student is another important way parents can help. Talk about different kinds of jobs people do, and what skills and education are needed. Talk about the kind of things your student likes to do and what jobs might fit with their interests. Even at early grades, it’s important to start thinking ahead.

Below are sites to help parents and students think about the future.

Recommended Web Resources