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Essential Skills

The Oregon Legislature passed a law that requires students prove they have “Essential Skills” in order to receive a diploma.

There are nine Essential Skills, but only three are currently required to receive a diploma:

  • Read and comprehend a variety of texts
  • Write clearly and accurately
  • Apply math in a variety of settings

Students can prove they have these skills through one of three ways:

  • Reaching a set score on the Smarter Balanced tests, or
  • Reaching a set score on another, approved standardized test (such as SAT, SCT, Compass, etc.), or
  • Providing work samples

These remaining six Essential Skills will be added as diploma requirements in the future:

  • Listen actively, and speak clearly and coherently
  • Think critically and analytically
  • Use technology to learn, live and work
  • Demonstrate civic and community engagement
  • Demonstrate global literacy
  • Demonstrate personal management and teamwork skills

For more information on the Essential Skills, please visit the Oregon Department of Education website.